Facilitate Healthier Human Connections As A Lifestyle: The Biosocial Hacker Manifesto

Adopt the evidence-based approach to happiness most people ignore. Design your gatherings to generate mental health & social connectedness for humanity.

The time has come to do things differently.

To establish new norms for our social connections. To create a new rulebook for gathering and socializing with fellow hominids. To change the social defaults which so often sabotage our well-being.

The Decline Of Communitarianism

Since the establishment of social media and rampant consumerism, belonging and social trust have decayed in North America. According to research reported by the Atlantic, interpersonal trust continues to plummet in America. And historically when this happens, nations fail.

This is what our ancestors did.

Our tribal ancestors were vibrantly socially-connected. They regularly came together and danced. They had rites of passage for youth. They raised their children communally, looked at each other in the eyes, took care of each other, shared rituals… and most provocatively, they defined success in collectivist terms, not individualist ones.

Western culture has been plagued with individualism, materialism, and consumerism.

Why do I name it a plague? Because positive psychology research recommends we do the opposite.

Biosocial hackers apply this research.

We are tapping the health benefits of human connection and enabling others to do the same. We know that the research on human well-being has proven beyond a doubt that relationships are more important to our health and well-being than our individual success could ever be.

The Biosocial Hacker Mission

We give the elixir of life — human connection.

The Biosocial Hacker Vision

Face-to-face human connection is the most commonly-practiced health habit and is prescribed by doctors more often than any other medication.

The Biosocial Hacker Way

We facilitate healthier human connections in our personal, social, & professional lives by being more intentional and innovative in our social interactions and gatherings.

The Biosocial Hacker Behaviors

We embrace the presence of others fully by turning off our phones, asking meaningful questions, and encouraging others’ expression.

The Biosocial Hacker Impact

By building communities for ourselves and others, we are combatting the epidemic of loneliness and depression in this world.

Final Recommendation

Become a biosocial hacker, start facilitating healthier human connections for humans, and be a part of the solution to loneliness.

Who am I?

My name is Jacques. I am the founding party scientist of biosocial hacking. I have led communal celebrations on the mainstages of festivals, within the double-decker buses of London, in the Zoom rooms of Fortune 500 Companies, and throughout public streets, subways, and beaches of 12 countries counting 🌎



Human Connection & Belonging Strategist | Professor of Shared Joy | I help leaders reinvent how they connect their people and build community

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The Party Scientist

Human Connection & Belonging Strategist | Professor of Shared Joy | I help leaders reinvent how they connect their people and build community