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Professor of Party Science | Spreading community medicine by applying the science of well-being, community-building, and experience design. Learn with me.

Is this guy serious? Yes, party science is a serious field of research. It was created for the sake of public health.

In high school, I was a lonely, stressed-out, video-game-addicted ass-hole. I had so little emotional intelligence that I lost my first job, my first girlfriend, and all sense of belonging. I had very few real friends.

This all changed after I arrived at University. I started partying. A lot. Putting myself into new social situations changed me forever. …

Let’s get serious — I have collected a few principles for thriving.

This document is categorized into four: expectations, principles, algorithms, and beliefs. Algorithms are specific actions that are taken under a specific set of circumstances. Principles are broader categories of actions. Beliefs are cognitive and pertain to how I perceive the world.

Love is the ability to see another’s perspective. Wisdom is the ability to let go of all your perspectives. Power is the ability to get others to see your perspective.

Expectations about the world

  • I expect things to go wrong, to not go as planned.
  • I do not expect others to keep their promises.
  • I do not expect others to be non-conformist, independent…

When I say cult, you probably think of harm and manipulation. That’s not the case.

Call me a cult leader? No, call me an obsessed community architect.

In the last two months, I have read 4 books about community infrastructure, I have joined 13 slack communities, and I have perused more than 100 articles on community-building.

I am convinced that community-building is the future of marketing, and for me, the future of how I manage my inner circle.

I have built my own Slack community based on everything I have learned. It’s called the League of Revyvers.

In this article, I want to share with you everything I have implemented in my deep dive. I…

Recently, I encapsulated the purpose of my life in one sentence…

This is what it looks like. Ritualistic. Cathartic. Ecstatic.

I have traveled to 13 countries. I have participated in hundreds of workshops. I have sampled tens of spiritual practices.

I am not satisfied. I do not believe existing spiritual practices are sufficient for enabling full human flourishing. I think there’s something beyond the gurus and mainstream philosophies. I think we need to dig deeper into our past and our physiology.

I am not saying stop meditating, stop chakra cleansing, or stop mantra-ing.

What I am saying is that we should ask what 20% of spiritual practices result in 80% of well-being?

There must be a practice out there that…

After reading this 4 Hour Work Week, I was pumped. “I am going to figure out how to outsource my life.” I was telling myself. I had already been practicing many of the principles in the book. An example:

What you do is more important than how you do it.

This is the distinction between effectiveness and efficiency. Tim emphasizes this in the book. Being effective is about identifying the “system amplifiers” as I like to call them. These are tasks that eliminate or automate hundreds of other tasks. One of my favourite system amplifiers is background outreach.

Background outreach…

I thought it was impossible. Here are my hard-learned adaptations.

In this article, you will learn principles for bringing people together regardless of the context. Near the end, you will learn some hacks for COVID-specific gatherings.

My name is Jacques. Before the pandemic, I travelled the world with a giant speaker. I started singalongs, group hugs, dance parties, and huddles among strangers. Sometimes on planes.

In the last three years, I discovered my life purpose: to advance public health by normalizing new forms of socialization, particularly ecstatic celebration.

I feel an electricity through my veins when I bring people together. If you want to feel this too, read on. …

This is the story of a different type of community. It’s a long, arduous, and emotional one.

Read this if you are passionate about In-Real-Life community building and bringing humans together in healthy ways. This is written for facilitators of human connection.

In this article, I chronicle my process for building and launching an online learning community in three months, scaling the community to 50 members and igniting a global value-based movement.

VYVE is a global human connection movement about empowering more humans to access the benefits of the elixir of life that is Community. Apply to join here.

In 2017, I started throwing sober parties and gained my craft in facilitation. In 2020, I started building…

They’re not equals. One is desperately needed, the other is overwhelming people’s lives.

What has happened?

The questions I answer in this article:

  • Can we apply the philosophy of essentialism to human connection?
  • Which forms of human connection are essential? Which are trivial?

Essentialism is the approach of focussing on the vital few instead of the trivial many. It’s about saying yes to things that are a **** yes, and saying no to the rest. It’s about identifying the factors that lead to 99% of the outcome you want — by nature of the repeated Pareto principle (the 80:20 rule).

The answer to the first question is yes. We can. And in this article, I argue…

What’s the difference between building a community and building a strong one? Read on.

Read this if you want to learn how to build a stronger-than-average community. I will be explaining how I have implemented positive and healthy features of cults with the objective of building a strong and interconnected community.

Cult — caring, understanding, loving tribe. Kidding.

You cannot avoid it. If you build a strong enough community, it will be labelled a cult. This is why I regard the word with positive connotations.

Think about some examples: The CrossFit Cult, the Soulcycle Cult, the Peloton Cult. All these companies have built amazing communities around their brands. Their customers are loyal. …

A guide for transforming your well-being and upending our culture of disconnection.

Preamble —

Welcome to the modern renaissance.

Since the establishment of social media and consumerism, our sense of belonging and trust in the developed world has decayed. The world no longer prioritizes positive relationships and community involvement. The focus has shifted from WE to ME (See Instagram).

Have you noticed the shift?

Have you been to a social gathering and observed that most people are there to show off their lives, not to connect with humans outside their clique?

Have you noticed that most videos on Youtube about motivation or success focus on egocentric pursuits instead of community-centric pursuits?

Have you scrolled…

The Party Scientist

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