Read this manifesto to upgrade your values system, to learn how science defines the good life, and to become a human connection professional.

I wrote this manifesto to declare my commitment to the human connection movement — a public health mission. …

My happiness has been repeatedly elevated by moments of human connection for which I have been responsible. When I catalyze a ritual or experience of human connection, it never fails to fill me with joy and fulfillment. I witness the smiles and connections I generate. It fills my soul.


In this article, I introduce the mentality of the community-builder. It will transform how you do business, how you connect with others, and how you view community-building. Prepare for a paradigm shift.

I often tell people — community-building has been a spiritual experience. I tell them this because I want…

Read this article to learn how to upgrade your bio-hacking practice by leveraging social psychology and oxytocin. Learn how to be a biosocial-hacker, and why this title will rapidly become commonplace in health and well-being circles in ten years.

Biosocial-hackers create moments like this.

Argue with me no more. The research is clear. We are…

Read this guide to cultivate your inner fun self, to learn tools to bring people joy, and to raise your F.Q. which stands for the Fun Quotient.

I’m not fun.

I’m not extroverted.

I’m not energetic.

That’s just not me.

Bull shit.

There was a time in my life when…

Read this article to learn how to leverage music to create unprecedented nourishing experiences with large groups.

Most DJs. They focus on technicals. They think about BPM, transitions, and tracklists.

Does the audience care?

If you ask them, they will say yes. But, psychologically, they don’t. …

Role modelling is at the center of creating safety for others. If you’re not expressing yourself, then don’t expect others to be express themselves. Most people are just waiting for someone to break the ice and create a permission force field for quirkiness and authenticity.

The acronym DIE, which refers…

Read this article if you are interested in learning about the systemic causes and solutions for loneliness and depression.

In this article, I present the problem of social distrust — how it has infected our cities and will continue to fester unless neighbourhoods are completely redesigned around belonging. Then, I…

The Party Scientist

Professor of Party Science | Spreading community medicine by applying the science of well-being, community-building, and experience design. Learn with me.

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